Men’s Fashion: Fall Style Guide

From luxe fabrics to sophisticated silhouettes to classic cuts, fall is all about refined elegance when it comes to men’s fashion. Discover the three shades leading the sartorial pack this season: grey, in a wide range of flattering tones; blue, an all-time favourite that’s more popular than ever; and burgundy, a newcomer that’s guaranteed to make an impact and give your neutrals a boost. Here are our top picks for a dapper fall look.

Grey matters

Grey has always been a foolproof option for well-dressed men. This fall, however, the sombre shade is making a stylish comeback and looks more modern than ever. The key making the must-have shade work? Mixing together various textures and fabrics. Pairing different tones of grey also scores high on the trend scale. For maximum versatility, invest in a few key pieces, such as a flannel or jersey jacket, a textured turtleneck sweater and pants with a discreet checkered pattern. Throw in a couple of items in black and white, and you’ve got all of the essentials for a sleek, modern look.

1. Turtleneck, H&M, $59.99 / 2. Jacket, shirt and pants, Tristan, $195, $89 and $110 / 3. Watch, Tristan, $130 / 4. Coat and pants, Vincent d’Amérique, $350 and $125 / 5. Scarf, Ernest, $40 / 6. Shirt, Hudson’s Bay, $55 / 7. Jacket, sweater and pants, Vincent d’Amérique, $225, $58.50 and $125 / 8. Coat, shirt, pants and shoes, H&M, $129, $19.99, $39.99 and $59.99 / 9. Pants, Tristan, $175 / 10. Shoes, Boutique Spring, $69.99

Seasonal blues

Many men have recently embraced blue as their go-to hue, and the colour’s popularity will not be waning any time soon! No wonder, when you consider its easy-to-match versatility. Better still, a few well-chosen blue pieces are all you need to create the foundation of an efficient wardrobe. This season, navy remains an excellent option and a great starting point that pairs well with both softer and brighter tones of blue. Dark denim is also trending right now, so pair a classic navy jacket with deep-blue jeans or a denim shirt. Going from your desk to after-work drinks has never been so easy.

1. Jacket, H&M, $79.99 / 2. Pants, Tristan, $125 / 3. Bow tie, Tristan, $29 / 4. Shirt, Hudson’s Bay, $65 / 5. Coat, Ernest, $399.98 / 6. Jacket, shirt and pants, Ernest, $495, $79.98 and $295 / 7. Pants, Hudson’s Bay, $100 / 8. Shoes, Boutique Spring, $79.99 / 9. Shirt, Hudson’s Bay, $69

The new vintage: burgundy

Whether you prefer sporty or dressy style, you’ll love fall’s new “It” shade. Here’s how to work burgundy into your game plan: Make it the star of your outfit by pairing a statement piece, such as a nylon bomber or a structured wool jacket, and with neutral pieces. For a subtler take on the trend, pick a shirt or pants in this rich shade and wear it with black, navy or grey. Accessories are also going to wine route, making this season the perfect time to toast the trend!

1. Jeans, H&M, $24.99 / 2. Pants, H&M, $69.99 / 3. Cap, H&M, $14.99 / 4. Jacket, shirt and pants, Tristan, $250, $89 and $150 / 5. Pants and boots, Ernest, $79.98 and $198 / 6. Bomber jacket, sweater and pants, H&M, $69.99, $34.99 and $39.99 / 7. Shirt, Hudson’s Bay, $45 / 8. Pants and shoes, Hudson’s Bay, $89 and $59 / 9. Shoes, Ernest, $198