Our Beauty Guide for a Fabulous Fall

Fall is here! Time to update your beauty routine and indulge in some well-deserved pampering.  Here are our top picks for soothing skincare and flattering makeup, plus a few great solutions for treating your mane. Get ready to kick off the new season in beautiful style!

Makeup: Nice and easy always does it

Summer’s glow means it’s easy to keep your makeup to a minimum this time of year. Cooler days do call for a product reboot, so discover the latest must-haves to create a flawless face in a matter of minutes.

Our Picks

A. A high-tech brush to blend foundation, blush and highlighter like a pro. / Sonic Foundation Brush, Clarisonic at The Hudson’s Bay, $39

B. This cushion formula offers an ultra-lightweight alternative for a natural-looking finish. / Miracle Finish CC Ultra Moist Cushion foundation, The Face Shop at Fruits & Passion, $29

C. A light-catching and glow-enhancing highlighter to illuminate your face. / Click & Glow Liquid Highlighter, Lancôme at The Hudson’s Bay, $34

D. This cream blush features a gel-like texture that melts into the skin, leaving cheeks flushed with a healthy, rosy hue. / Soft Cream Blusher in Corail, The Face Shop at Fruits & Passion, $14

E. A volume-boosting mascara with up to 24 hours of hold. Bonus: the soft fibers on the generous-sized brush lift and separate lashes. / Monsieur Big Mascara, Lancôme at The Hudson’s Bay, $31

F. Nail lacquer in a posh hue that’s in sync with fall’s sophisticated ready-to-wear palette of rich shades. / Vernis in Love nail polish in Insoupçonnable, Olympia Le-Tan by Lancôme (limited edition) at The Hudson’s Bay, $22

G. A compact, travel-friendly makeup kit packed with all the right essentials (eyeshadows, blushes and lip colours) for touch-ups on the go. / Olympia’s Wonderland Make-up Palette, Olympia Le-Tan by Lancôme (limited edition) at The Hudson’s Bay, $100

H. A classic red lipstick. Wear this fiery shade with an otherwise bare face for a modern take of this glam girl favourite. / Lipstick in Rouge Vertige, Yves Rocher, $18

I. Groomed brows are on trend right now. This smart pen is perfect for filling in and accentuating those arches. / Brow Master waterproof eyebrow pencil, The Face Shop at Fruits & Passion, $10

Skincare: Soothing solutions

Your skin is bound to face challenges as the mercury drops. The culprits? Colder weather, dry indoor heating and pollution. Prevent dehydration and lackluster skin with soothing skincare products that feature active ingredients to gently cleanse and moisturize.

Our Picks

A. A rich moisturiser with lasting benefits to quench thirsty skin. / The True Cream Moisturising Bomb, belif at Fruits & Passion, $47

B. This overnight treatment is packed with botanical extracts to fight wrinkles and boost radiance. / Serum Végétal Sleeping Care – Wrinkle & Radiance, Yves Rocher, $47

C. A high-tech serum to perk up your peepers. Its innovative applicator treats both the eye area and the lashes, fighting tired lids, under-eye baggage and crow’s feet. / Blue Therapy Eye-Opening Serum, Biotherm at The Hudson’s Bay, $69

D. A non-foaming and sulfate-free face wash that’s ultra-gentle and kind to sensitive skin. / Sensitive Végétal Cleansing Cream, Yves Rocher, $16

E. This energizing mask boosts cellular renewal and tightens pores. Its star ingredient is peat, sourced specially from Northern European tundra and rich in minerals and organic acids. / Peat Miracle Revital Clay Mask, belif at Fruits & Passion, $49

F. A body cleanser specifically designed for ultra-sensitive skin. Its calming formula is gentle enough even for people with eczema and psoriasis. / Zizyphus shower cream, Dans un Jardin, $17.95

Hair: The silky road

Hair is also put to the test as seasons change. Your mane also suffers multiple attacks from the heat of blow-dryers and other styling tools. Give your tresses the VIP treatment with products that are well worth the investment.

Our Picks

A. A nourishing shampoo that helps strengthen hair, prevent breakage and boost shine, all the while making detangling a breeze. / Inforcer Série Expert strengthening shampoo, L’Oréal Professionnel at De Neuville coiffure et spa, suggested price $24.50

B. A moisturizing and purifying shampoo with “anti-gravity” power to enhance fine, volume-challenged hair. / Volumetry Série Expert volumising shampoo, L’Oréal Professionnel at De Neuville coiffure et spa, suggested price $21

C. A rejuvenating and nourishing treatment enriched with tea-blend complex that adds luxurious shine. / Biphasic Infusion Enhance Ritual, Pai-Shau at Trade Secrets, $24

D. A treatment for dry, split ends that works to keep frizz at bay. / DD Balm Nutrifier Série Expert, L’Oréal Professionnel at De Neuville coiffure et spa, suggested price $33

E. A deep-conditioning mask that both nourishes hair follicles and reduces dryness of the scalp. / Seaberry hair mask at Trade Secrets, $45.95

F. Use this jojoba-oil-enriched product while you sleep to revitalize dry or damaged hair. / Sleeping Care treatment, Yves Rocher, $8.95

G. A dry shampoo for those in-a-rush mornings and to buy your blowout one more day. Invisible and fast-absorbing, it also offers a subtle but long-lasting scent. / Morning After Dust dry shampoo Tecniart, L’Oréal Professionnel at De Neuville coiffure et spa, suggested price $24

H. A lightweight leave-in serum that works on damp or dry hair to create an anti-frizz barrier. / Therapy Rejuvenating Protein Cream, label.m at De Neuville coiffure et spa, suggested price $41

I. This heat-activated cream creates thicker, fuller-looking hair. Bonus : it protects against heat styling. / Thickening Cream, label.m at De Neuville coiffure et spa, suggested price $35