The Coat Guide: Warm Picks for Cool Style

Love at first sight is the ultimate strategy when you’re shopping for a coat. You’ll wear it for months, so you might as well invest in a topper that will brighten your day as you head out in the biting cold. Top trends to look out for this season? Elegant, classic styles, athletic-inspired puffers and fun faux-fur numbers that range from tame to wild. Here are our top picks for your most fashionable winter yet.

Classic is the new modern

With a tailored, figure-flattering cut, elegant woolen fabric and posh hue, a classic coat is a foolproof investment this season that will take you to work, top your party frocks after dark and upgrade your weekend looks. Top shades to look for right now include time-tested neutrals (think black, grey, navy and camel), as well as the new trending trio: powder pink, bright red and rich burgundy. Looking for a must-have with a contemporary twist? Pick a coat with a funnel neck or draped lapels.

1. Hat, Boutique Spring, $29.99 / 2. Coat, Dynamite, $129.95 / 3. Coat, H&M, $129 / 4. Gloves, Urban Planet, $12.99 / 5. Coat, Le Château, $139.95 / 6. Scarf, H&M, $29.99 / 7. Coat, Reitmans, $149.90 / 8. Boots, Browns, $298 / 9. Coat, Le Château, $198 / 10. Coat, Tristan, $295 / 11. Gloves, Urban Planet, $12.99 / 12. Coat, Le Château, $129.95    

The sporting life

If you are a true outdoor enthusiast, chances are your mind is already set on high-tech outerwear that withstand even the harshest of elements.

The newest way to wear sportier styles? Look for slimmer, more fitted cuts and graphic details in the form of quilted stitching. If you’re more into looking the part, embrace an athletic vibe with a fashionable take on the puffer jacket in a boxy cut with a shorter length. The winning colours this season are no doubt bright red and deep burgundy.

1. Boots, The Hudson’s Bay, $130 / 2. Coat, Atmosphère Sports Experts, $269.99 / 3. Coat, The Hudson’s Bay, $320 / 4. Boots, Atmosphère Sports Experts, $159.99 / 5. Coat, Atmosphère Sports Experts, $669.99 / 6. Coat, H&M, $59.99 / 7. Hat, Atmosphère Sports Experts, $44.99

Fun, fake and fabulous

Fake fur is making an impressive comeback. This time around, it’s not necessarily about looking like the real deal (think more “teddy bear” than “mink on a dime”). The best way to wear faux fur now is to choose a bomber or simple cut (straight, whether long or short). The trick is to go for traditional proportions when sporting this fluffy material. As for colour, stick to nature-inspired shades (cream, beige and light browns) or pretty pink hues. As an alternative, try a sleeveless faux-fur vest, the perfect piece to layer over a cozy sweater on milder days.

1. Coat, The Hudson’s Bay, $160 / 2. Coat, H&M, $129 / 3. Hat, Le Château, $18 / 4. Coat, The Hudson’s Bay, $160 / 5. Gloves, Urban Planet, $12.99 / 6. Vest, H&M, $49.99 / 7. Hat, Le Château, $18 / 8. Coat, Dynamite, $79.95 / 9. Coat, Forever 21, $63.90 / 10. Gloves, Le Château, $25 / 11. Boots, Browns, $198 / 12. Vest, Dynamite, $69.95