Hit List: Spring’s Hottest Shades

This season is all about colors! The trend emerged on spring 2017 runways and has been embraced by street-style stars and celebrities alike, both on and off the red carpet. Here are the top three shades and how to wear them.


Pink reigns supreme this season, stealing the show in an array of tones, from soft blush to bright fuchsia. Pink is popping up on both clothing (from trench coats to dresses) and accessories (bags, shoes and beyond). The new way to wear it? Paired with white and black, for a crisp, modern look. Prefer pastels? Pale pink plays well with baby blue, mint green and light sandy shades. If you’re looking to stand out, go bold and sport pink from head to toe. More conservative dressers can also embrace the shade by switching their white button-down for a pink one under a navy, grey or beige suit.

01 bag GUESS, $130 / 02 top ARDÈNE, $24.50 / 03 bomber DYNAMITE, $69.95 / 04 dress LE CHÂTEAU, $169.95 / 05 shoe ALDO, $90


Sky, baby, cobalt, electric : you’re bound to find a shade of blue you’ll love this spring! For an up-to-date take on blue, punch it up with bright accents, such as orange or red. Or take the monochromatic route and blend different blue tones in one outfit. For instance, try a pale blue shirt, royal blue pants and a navy jacket for a winning trio. Last but not least, blue always looks great with denim and chambray.

06 bag GUESS, $80 / 07 jacket MELANIE LYNE, $220 / 08 jacket and pant TRISTAN, $225 and $125 / 09 dress DYNAMITE, $49,95 $ / 10 shoe ALDO, $110


With the rising popularity of the eco friendly movement, it’s no wonder green is having a moment! This season, two shades share the spotlight : green mint and khaki. The first one embodies this season’s romantic vibe (think fluid materials, soft shapes and retro flair) and looks ultra-fresh with white.  Khaki, of course, appears on army-inspired pieces. Take the cargo jacket, which happens to be one of the season’s key pieces and makes a great alternative to the classic jean jacket.

11 top LE CHÂTEAU, $49.95 / 12 camisole DYNAMITE, $24.95/ 13 jumper GUESS, $118 / 14 and 15 choker ARDÈNE, $9.50each / 16 running shoe BROWNS, $130