Great picks if you are invited to a wedding

Wedding season is upon us! The one question on everyone’s mind when an invitation arrives in the mail is, “What do I wear?” The answer, of course, depends on the celebration you’re attending: Are you heading to a formal reception in a posh setting, an intimate gathering or a country wedding? Each occasion calls for a different approach, so read on to discover how to look on-trend at any wedding.


There’s no denying the versatility of a great dress. It can go from a sophisticated affair to a relaxed country bash, depending on the style and the accessories you wear. This season, the trend forecast calls for both pastel shades and bold floral prints. In terms of cuts, choose either a classic shift or a retro-inspired style (think a cinched waist and flared skirt) — two of spring’s winning silhouettes.

01 Satin and lace pink dress, Rinascimento, $198 / 02 Floral print dress, Colori, $59.95 / 03 Vegetal pattern dress, Taylor, $135 / 04 Pink lace dress, Hudson’s Bay, $529 / 05 Blue dress, Tristan, $165 / 06 Sandal, Aldo, $100 / 07 Suede pouch, Browns, $198 / E08 arrings, Bizou, $12.95 / 09 Necklace, Bizou, $18.95  (sold with matching earrings)


The increasingly popular jumpsuit is a perfect party alternative that will appeal to anyone looking for the comfort and practicality of a pair of pants. Always on point in black, the jumpsuit is the modern equivalent of the LBD. You’ll also find plenty of options in muted or bold shades, as well as styles with floral prints.

01 Blue jumpsuit, Dynamite, $59.95 / 02 Beige jumpsuit Dynamite, $59.95 / 03 Wide legged jumpsuit, Le Château $169.95 / 04 Culotte jumpsuit, Le Château $139.95 / 05 Floral print jumpsuit, Dynamite, $59.95 /  06 Black sandal, Browns, $168 / 07 Floral pouch, Browns, $60 / 08 Beaded clutch, Aldo, $65 / 09 Bracelet, Aldo, $20 / 10 Earrings, Bizou, $18.95


For a country wedding or an intimate affair in a more casual environment, consider building an outfit around a skirt. Three styles stand out this season: full (circle or flared), pleated and straight. Keep your look fresh with a knee-length cut, and choose a longer length for pleated styles.

01 Blue top and skirt, Rinascimento, $110 $ and $149 / 02 Striped top and pleated skirt, Reitmans $42.90 and $44.90 / 03 Halter top and skirt, Le Château, $39.95 and $49.95 / 04 Silver slide, Aldo, $60 / 05 High heel sandal, Browns, $178 / 06 Metallic pouch, Browns, $60 / 07 Floral pouch, Browns, $60 / 08Bracelet, Bizou, $24.99 / 09 Necklace, Bizou, $24.95