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Décathlon - Mail Champlain Décathlon - Mail Champlain

Sports Manager (outdoors section)

Published on August 18, 2023

Full time, permanent. Day/evening/weekends.

Job description

Why join our team?

Do you like to move alone, with family or friends? That's all it takes to work for us! You don't have to be an Olympic athlete. And as Decathlon is growing, there are enough possibilities to develop your career plan! Here, there is no limit to your professional or personal ambitions.

Your advantages :

- Bi-weekly bonus: each pay period is a game that we win as a team! The benefits are immediately shared with all our collaborators!

- The opportunity to grow in the company (we even have our own school - Academy - training for personal or professional development)

- A company that cares about the environment by offering eco-designed products and taking concrete actions to protect our planet.

- Discounts on products and the opportunity to test products: we are convinced that you will become an ambassador.

- Free access to our sports facilities

- Privileged team moments and authentic relationships with colleagues: we play as a team at Decathlon!

- Time for yourself (holidays, personal days and flexible hours)

- A comprehensive insurance program from 30 hours of work (telemedicine, medical, dental and disability insurance)

- Green travel bonuses, a private shareholding program, a contribution to the RRSP.

Tasks and responsabilities

- Delight my customer

- Cash my customer

- Develop my sport through omnichannel performance

- Be captain of the day (responsible for the proper functioning of the store)

- Promote the benefits of becoming a Decathlon member

- Perform the reception of the goods in an efficient way in order to replenish the shelves of the store

- Hone your skills by taking training courses and accepting constructive and relevant feedback

Qualifications and skills required

- Efficient

- Customer service

- Security

- Energetic

How to apply

- Online

- In store