4 retailers where to find everything for back-to-school

The vacations are coming to an end, and back to school is just around the corner. Your children will be back in elementary and/or high school sooner than you think. To help you save time and money, we're featuring four of our retailers where you can find everything you need to get ready for back-to-school.


Ready for the new school year? It all starts with your little ones' wardrobe. One stop at H&M is all you need to buy all the basics you need for the kids. We love the option that the Swedish retailer offers to parents in a hurry: clothing bundles. You can add to your cart a pair of leggings, a trio of t-shirts, several pairs of socks, etc., for a very reasonable price.


Start the school year off right with Archambault. The retailer offers much more than books, discover a ton of supplies such as pencil cases, pens, agenda, etc. It's also the place to get back-to-school essentials like a dictionary. Our choice: the new edition of the Multi dictionnaire de la langue française published by Québec Amérique. The Multi is a multi-purpose dictionary that integrates all the useful information on spelling, grammar, syntax, typography, difficulties, conjugations, Quebecisms, interferences between French and English, and correspondence.


Bentley is the place to find backpacks, lunchboxes and all the family essentials to get you ready for back to school. Tracker's Sorbet collection is a great selection of backpacks in regular or mini sizes for under $50 that will bring a touch of color to your daily life at school or at work. To match your bag, choose a pretty and colorful lunch box. Tracker also offers containers for your food, a must for a well organized school lunch.


Your laptop is undoubtedly one of the most important tools of the new school year. It's not only your child's best friend in the classroom, but also a great source of entertainment. If you're not sure which computer to choose, The Source is here to help. Whatever your family's needs, their team will help you choose the best electronics and accessories.