5 tips to get ready for back-to-school time

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to be tackling the best notebooks and pencils you need to buy. You probably already have an extensive list! Here are 5 extra tips that you may not have thought about to help you ensure a smooth transition as the kids go back to school.

Choose an outstanding backpack

Don’t rely on just any type of backpack for your kids. Take the time to look for one that is truly adapted to your kids’ needs. Bentley offers a wide variety of backpacks all in one place. However, don’t just choose the best-looking ones. Here are three points you should consider:

  • Size: Choose a backpack that does not extend beyond your kids’ shoulders, waists or hips.
  • Straps: Opt for a backpack that has two straps with a width of 5 cm each (2 in.).
  • Weight: Find a light backpack that has lots of storage room. But be careful! The weight of a backpack and its contents should never be over 10 to 15% of your kids’ body weight.

Want to know more? Check out this video for more information or head to a Bentley store for an expert’s advice.

Make lunchtime more fun

Now that you’ve found the ideal backpacks for your kids, you can also get matching lunch boxes or choose other models that are more to your liking. There are no special rules to consider when buying lunch boxes.

In fact, the challenge is to fill the lunch boxes! After all, you want to serve your kids healthy lunches so that they can keep their focus during classes. Here is a great video with 11 tips on what to make for lunch.

In addition, your kids may need nutritional supplements to improve their concentration. Why not stop by Naturiste, which offers natural products created specifically for kids? For example, Omega-3 supplements can make up for a lack of fatty acids, which is common in hyperactive kids. This article from Naturiste explains in more detail the benefits of Omega-3s for learning.

Get an A+ thanks to the right computer

Tweens and teens often need a computer to do their homework. Before you buy a new computer, make a list of your criteria: what will you use the computer for, performance levels, storage, price, weight, etc. The Source offers a wide array of lightweight computers at affordable prices. It’s also the ideal place to buy your kids’ very first laptop computers. You can also read this guide on this year’s best computers. It will give you clarity into your best options on the market.

On your mark. Get set. Go to gym class!

What are your kids’ essentials for gym class? Sneakers with white soles, comfortable shorts or leggings and breathable t-shirts. We recommend that your kids have two sets of gym clothes so that you don’t have to constantly do laundry. At Mail Champlain, you can find brand-name athletic apparel, such as Adidas, Under Armour and Nike, at Sports Experts. With a wide selection of clothing in one store, you are sure to find everything you need for your budding athletes.

You can also find an array of sneakers for elementary school kids at Chaussures Panda. The knowledgeable staff will provide you with practical tips on choosing the best size sneakers to last your kids for the entire school year.   

Smiles for the class picture—even though they’re missing teeth!

Admit it. You love seeing your kids dressed up for the class picture! Our fashion boutiques cater to the styles and tastes of young kids as well as teens. And with all the choices to be had, you’ll be able dress your kids for the new school year without breaking the bank.

Where to go for elementary school kids

  • Bentley: Backpacks and lunch boxes
  • Décathlon: Athletic wear
  • Okaïdi – Obaïbi: The latest kids’ fashions
  • H&M: The latest kids’ fashions
  • Panda: Shoes
  • Browns: Shoes
  • Naturiste: Food supplements
  • Sports Experts: sneakers and other running shoes
  • OK Kids: The latest kids’ fashions
  • The Children’s Place: The latest kids’ fashions and accessories
  • Stokes: Accessories for lunch boxes

Where to go for high school kids


  • Bentley: Backpacks and lunch bags
  • Bizou: Fashion accessories
  • Lids: Caps
  • Foot Locker: Running and trendy shoes
  • Décathlon: Athletic wear
  • Ardène: The latest teen fashions and accessories
  • Urban Planet: The latest teen fashions
  • H&M: The latest teen fashions
  • Amnésia: The latest teen fashions and shoes
  • Sports Experts: sneakers and other running shoes
  • Stokes: Insulated food and beverage containers and accessories for lunch bags
  • The Source: Computers and headphones