A fun family picnic

What could be more fun that enjoying a sunny day and playing with the kids? Picnics are a great activity that the whole family loves, thanks to delicious food, great activities and vitamin D! Hooray! Because true happiness can be so effortless, why not organize a family picnic? What to do after eating a scrumptious picnic? Chase butterflies, perhaps? Play hide-and-go-seek until the sun sets?

Pack a picnic basket that can even keep the Big Bad Wolf away

The traditional basket is truly synonymous with picnicking! It’s hard not to remember fond memories of picnics with the fam and baskets filled to the brim with food! We love picnic basket sets that include handy utensils, plates, glasses, and more. Tip #1: Put snacks and raw veggies in reusable individual bags, which are convenient and help keep food fresh.

Tip #2: Make sure you buy a picnic blanket that is waterproof on one side; it will protect you from wet grass and can be used as a tablecloth or to keep you warm when the sun goes down. From the park to your favourite campground, you’ll use your picnic blanket over and over again. And don’t forget, when it comes to picnicking, keep it simple!

1. Stasher reusable bag - Archambault

2. Picnic blanket - Clair de lune

3. Picnic basket - Stokes

Make the fun last

Want to create a festive atmosphere for your picnic? Here are three must-have items: a Bluetooth speaker, isothermal bag and, naturally, lots of sunscreen! A sunburn can happen so quickly! Don’t forget to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun. Keep beverages and fruits cool as you enjoy the sun!

1. JBL Bluetooth speaker - La Source

2. Clarins sunscreen – The Hudson Bay

3. Isothermal bag - Bentley

Having fun is easy peasy

You don’t need to break your piggy bank to have fun with the family! All you need is a few things and TA-DA...guaranteed fun! Balls, frisbees, kites, rackets for badminton—there are many different ways to spend an afternoon! You can even invest in block party games and invite your neighbours, such as a giant Jenga or Tic-Tac-Toe, washer toss, a deck of playing cards, etc. The possibilities are nearly endless. All you have to do is stoke your imagination!

1. Balls - Sports Experts

2. Frisbee – Décathlon

3. Playing card – Archambault  

Immerse yourself in a giant playground

You can have a picnic almost anywhere and there are many activities you can do while picnicking. Whether it’s an afternoon at the park, a morning hike, a day at the beach, relaxing moments during a sunset, or picking berries, take advantage of any opportunity to plan a picnic. Go off the beaten path (both literally and figuratively!): your kids will love the fact you are switching up their routine!

Getting dressed for a picnic is child’s play

When getting dressed for a picnic, it is important to opt for lightweight, comfortable clothing. The last thing you want is tight or bulky clothes that prevent you from moving freely. In other words, practicality is king! Sunglasses and hats/caps are also go-to items to ward off the rays. And, they can easily be slipped into your picnic basket!

Ready? Enjoy your picnics this summer!

1. Summer clothing: H&M

2. Sunglasses: Children’s place

3. Shoes: Panda