Buy Local – Interview with Dimitri Pers from LEONE Eyewear

Dimitri Pers worked for five years in the eyewear industry before making the leap into the world of entrepreneurship in 2016. These years of experience allowed him to realize that there was a gap in the market; there were few quality frames at affordable prices. Ambitious and creative, he took the plunge and opened his first LEONE Eyewear boutique. Meet Dimitri Pers, founder and owner of LEONE Eyewear.

What is LEONE Eyewear?

LEONE Eyewear is first a concept: we design frames at a price that everyone can afford. Every three months, we introduce new models to our customers. Our goal as a company is to prove that we can offer a selection of high-quality eyewear at very competitive prices ... not to mention our impeccable customer service.

What sets LEONE Eyewear apart from other optical stores?

What sets us apart is our quality/price ratio. At LEONE Eyewear, we focus on the quality of our products at an affordable price, we offer fine and carefully selected materials like titanium, stainless steel and Italian acetate. We also have a line of ultra-light TR90 frames. We work with ESSILOR, the world leader in lens design and manufacturing. We also make it a priority to serve our customers in the most personalized way possible, our customers will never feel like numbers.

How did you bring LEONE Eyewear to life?

I have been working in the eyewear industry for 10 years. As soon as I started working in the industry, I noticed that some customers had to make compromises between price and quality when buying glasses. It was heartbreaking to see mothers who didn't have enough money to buy their children nice eyewear. So I thought that I would find a solution to offer quality frames at great prices. Mission accomplished! LEONE Eyewear was born in 2016. Thanks to our selection of frames and the quality of the lenses we offer, we have even managed to reach a wealthier audience.


What made you choose Mail Champlain to open your boutique?

We already had a first store in downtown Montreal and we were looking for a location on the South Shore. Following a visit to Mail Champlain, we were charmed and decided to open our second store here.

What do you love about the eyewear industry?

Helping people. I always wondered what I wanted to do in life. Honestly, being an optician hasn't been a vocation, nor a personal dream. As time went by and I got to know people, I realized that I was bringing something positive to my customers: they have a need and I am there to help them. I also like the creative and design aspect.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

It’s pretty simple – never give up!

What advice would you give to future entrepreneurs?

Never give up and, above all, never underestimate your team. They are the driving force of a company, without this driving force you can't move forward. I've seen too many companies disparage their employees, I've experienced it myself; this is something that will never happen at LEONE.

Why is it important to buy local?

Buying local means supporting local livelihoods. When we buy locally, we allow our neighbor to have a job, who will then buy in turn, etc. And above all, buying here does not necessarily mean paying more.

What are your favorite pieces this spring, and why?

- Aria model for women; available in 5 shades, this frame will highlight your beautiful complexion under the spring sun. Plus, it's ultra-light.

Aria frame, $149 at LEONE Eyewear

- For men, the Griffintown frame, named after the high-end Montreal neighborhood, creates a beautiful urban look that goes with everything.

Griffintown frame, $149 at LEONE Eyewear

What are LEONE Eyewear’s projects for 2021?

We will open some stores, refresh our website for an even better customer experience, and offer many new arrivals.