Decor Trend: 2022 Pantone Color

2022 is the year of the "Very Peri" shade, a purplish blue, which the international color reference Pantone has named the color of the year that will be found everywhere, especially in home decor. This bright and refreshing color will add a pop to your interior decor. That's why we thought we'd do a little shopping for you to find decorative accessories (for every room in the house) inspired by the star shade of 2022.


Your bedroom is the ideal place to add a touch of purple since it’s a color that symbolizes softtness, dreams and spirituality.


Tired of your neutral hue accessories when cooking dinner? Brighten up your kitchen with colorful items to decorate your counter.


Serenity is the word sought out to describe the atmosphere of your bathroom. Did you know that purple has soothing capabilities on the spirits?


To spruce up your desk while working from home, choose stationery and accessories in shades of purple to spark your creativity.


With its electric allure, "Very Peri" is a stimulating color that embodies balance. Perfect for the gym!