All you need for a family barbecue

Burgers, kebabs, grilled meats and grilled vegetables, you'll have a busy summer in front of the grill. Whether you're a fan of the smoker, charcoal grill or traditional BBQ, we've got some essentials to get you started on the perfect family feast. Enjoy your meal!


Looking for inspiration for your next barbecue dinner? We recommend Max Lavoie's brand new book, BBQ au Max, where he shares his recipes that will awaken your taste buds. Guaranteed, everyone will want to spend the summer on your terrace after tasting your delicious dishes. A great gift idea for the grill master, give him a set of barbecue utensils like the one from Stokes.


For a festive and convivial evening, nothing is better than to be well equipped on the bar side.  In order to prepare cocktails worthy of a mixologist, we suggest a few essentials. From glasses, to iced cocktail mixers, to coolers, you will find everything you need to create the best alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks at our retailers. For those who want a low sugar option, here is Mr. Cocktail's Gym Tonic with cucumber and raspberry. These handmade cocktail syrups, with no flavoring or preservatives, are 100% natural, with fresh and local ingredients or saved from food waste, we love it! 


For children who envy to participate and prepare good food, why not introduce them to the barbecue. Wear your aprons and ask your little ones to give you a hand. Children are good at manual tasks, so they can help you make the skewers, cut the vegetables for the salad or place the dishes on the table. For the creative kids, they can have fun recreating the event with Playmobil toys, available at Griffon.