Get in Shape with Style

Need one more reason to get back into shape? The athletic look has never been more on trend, so embrace fashion’s latest fitness craze and get an added incentive to hit the gym!

For her

The good news is you don’t have to actually work out to look like you’re in fitness mode. The gaining popularity of athleisure (mixing active wear with casual pieces) means you’re guaranteed to get the most out of any investment you make in the sportswear department. Nowadays, leggings, feather-light windbreakers and sneakers are officially weekend staples. The shades to keep your eyes peeled for this spring? Pastels, which are taking over the bright hues of seasons past. The most popular colour, of course, is millennial pink, along with pale turquoise. Both can be worn head to toe by mixing different shades, or paired with black or grey. You’ll also find plenty of accessories in the season’s must-have pastel tones. Solid hues are where it’s at, but leggings remain a great playing field for bold prints, both abstract and geometric. 

1. Sweater, H&M, $29.99 / 2. Glasses, H&M, $17.99 / 3. Jacket, Sports Experts/Atmosphere, $99.99 / 4. Dumbbell, Sports Experts/Atmosphere, $9.99 / 5. Bag, Hudson’s Bay, $89.99 / 6. Leggings, H&M, $29.99 / 7. Sweater, leggings ans sneakers, H&M, $29.99, $39.99 and $39.99 / 8. Yoga mat, Hudson’s Bay, $26.99 / 9. T-shirt, Sports Experts/Atmosphere, $39.99 / 10. Sneakers, Foot Locker, $215

For him

Black is a staple in any man’s closet when it comes to workout clothes. The shade is forever on trend, but the new trick this spring is to match it with shades of blue or green. Love making a statement? Go for peacock blue. If your style is on the subtler side, give sage green a try. Although athletic looks for men tend to favour solids, a few patterns are popping up this season (think digital designs and stripes inspired by team uniforms). The ultimate detail to add to your look this spring is a high-tech touch, whether in the form of high-performance fabrics or future-esque accessories like sunglasses, chronograph watches and sneakers with ergonomic shapes.

1. Glasses, Sports Experts/Atmosphere, $59.99 / 2. Sweater, Sports Experts/ Atmosphere, $74.99 / 3. Watch, Sports Experts/Atmosphere, $99.99 / 4. Bag, H&M, $39.99 / 5. Sweater, leggings and sneakers, H&M, $39.99, $39.99 and $59.99 / 6. Leggings, H&M, $39.99 / 7. Sweater, H&M, $29.99 / 8. Shorts, Hudson’s Bay, $74 / 9. Sneakers, Foot Locker, $190