Holiday Style: Trendy Looks for the Whole Family

In the mood for a little glamour to celebrate the festive season? Discover great, on-trend styles for everyone in the family. Dressing up has never looked so chic!

Woman: The pink effect

All shades of pink — and red — continue to reign supreme on the fashion front. This is great news, since they’re both flattering hues for most skin tones and also happen to be easy ones to mix together. (They likewise look great with black, a nighttime favourite.) For evening, the choice is yours, from dusty, pastel pinks to rich deep bordeaux.

Look for: bold floral prints, pleated skirts and dresses in shimmering fabrics (sequined, satiny or metallic).
Style secret: Choose accessories — jewellery, a bag, shoes — in the same pretty-in-pink colour family.

1. Top, Reitmans, $36.90 / 2. Dress, Laura, $228 / 3. Bag, Le Château, $49.95 / 4. Earrings, H&M, $12.99 / 5. Bracelet, Caroline Néron, $115 / 6. Skirt, Tristan, $125 / 7. Skirt, H&M, $34.99 / 8. Shoes, Boutique Spring, $49.99

Man: New wave

Blue has become a staple in the modern man’s wardrobe, as popular for work attire as it is for casual weekend looks. It’s also a foolproof pick when it comes to dressing up as well. This season, there are two options for sporting blue the modern way: wearing various shades together (think navy paired with a brighter shade, or mixing the cool hue with black or charcoal). 

Look for: the bomber jacket (an alternative to the classic suit jacket), plaid sports jackets and cobalt blue.
Style secret: Dare to match your accessories to your clothes with a blue tie, belt and shoes.

1. Belt, The Hudson’s Bay, $45 / 2. Jacket, sweater, pants and shoes, Tristan, $250, $110, $175 and $185 / 3. Jacket, shirt, pants and belt, Vincent d’Amérique, $218, $95, $88 and $30 / 4. Tie, Vincent d’Amérique, $30 / 5. Jacket, Jack & Jones, $160 / 6. Shoes, Browns, $150

Kids: Mini-me glamour

Kids younger than ever are discovering the joy of dressing up, just like mom and dad. In both the boys’ and girls’ departments, the ultimate classic shade, navy, is having a moment again.

Look for: fitted cuts for boys, both for tailored jackets and slim pants; so-called “princess” dresses that are finally available in shades other than pink.
Style secret: For the boys, pair a sophisticated suit with sneakers. A party dress accessorized with a (shimmering!) backpack is the way to go for girls. Sporty accents, seen everywhere these days, are a great option, too.

1. Pants, Obaïbi-Okaïdi, $34.95 / 2. Set of bow tie and suspenders, The Children’s Place, $24.95 / 3. Jacket, pants, t-shirt and sneakers, H&M, $39.99, $29.99, $19.99 (for 3) and $19.99 / 4. Shirt and bow tie, Obaïbi- Okaïdi, $34.95 / 5. Shoes, Panda, $74.99 / 6. Dress and shoes, H&M, $39.99 and $17.99 / 7. Skirt, Obaïbi-Okaïdi, $34.95 / 8. Backpack, The Children’s Place, $26.95 / 9. Shoes, The Children’s Place, $36.95
*Please note that prices and availability of items are subject to change according to the retailers’ inventory.