Lunar New Year – Our Favourite Capsule Collections

Luck and fortune will be on the menu on February 12th! China will celebrate the Lunar New Year (also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival) under the sign of the ox, a symbol of perseverance and stability. Unlike in the West where we only celebrate the New Year, these festivities last 15 full days and end with the Lantern Festival. Twenty percent of the world's population celebrates Chinese New Year, which explains why several fashion and beauty brands offer capsule collections for the occasion. We’ve gathered our favourite products to honour the beginning of the Lunar New Year. This is especially fitting since one of the ancient traditions of this great celebration is to dress in new clothes, as a sign of good omens, new beginnings and change.


Happy Year of the Ox! The Swedish retail chain H&M has thought of the little ones. You can find several pieces of baby and children's apparel with this sign that represents perseverance and stability. These red outfits designed for the occasion are simply beautiful!

Sweatshirt, $12.99 at H&M

Jacquard-knit sweater, $17.99 at H&M

Brocade dress, $39.99 at H&M

Glitter-print dress, $9.99 at H&M

M.A.C at The Bay

This Lunar New Year, create new traditions with M.A.C. and offer good fortune with their line of limited edition Moon Masterpiece make-up products. Their pop art-inspired packaging is simply beautiful and worthy of a treasure.

Power Kiss Moon Masterpiece lipstick, Turn Up Your Luck, $28 at M.A.C

Versicolour varnish lip stain Moon Masterpiece, No Interruptions, $26 at M.A.C

Extra Dimension Skinfinish Moon Masterpiece highlighter, Double Gleam, $41 at M.A.C


The colour red represents fire and good mood, and may bring success and happiness throughout the year - which is why it is prominent during the New Year celebrations. Did you know that according to popular belief, it is recommended to wear red underwear, especially for people born under the zodiac sign matching the sign of the New Year? For these people, tradition dictates that they wear red underwear until the next new year… Let's go to La vie en rose to find underwear in this shade.

Push-up plunge demi bra, $49.95 at La vie en rose

High-waited thong panty, $11.95 at La vie en rose

Lightly lined sleek back bra, $49.95 at La vie en rose

Cheeky panty with decorative heart on the back, $11.95 at La vie en rose