Style Guide: Best Looks for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again, when party invitations start pouring into your mailbox (and inbox!). With family gatherings, girls’ nights out, your office party and that New Year’s Eve bash, there are countless occasions to play dress-up. Here is our selection of the top trends and best looks for celebrating in style.

Pretty in pink

Dusty pink is without a doubt the most popular colour this season. For the holidays, a wider range of pinks and reds are joining in on the fun, including raspberry, fuchsia, garnet and carmine. The new way to wear these bright shades? By combining various hues in one outfit (think a cherry-coloured top with a pastel-pink skirt and burgundy heels). It’s equally chic to opt for a monochromatic look (picture a dress and shoes in a matching tint). When it comes to accessories, crank up the style factor by mixing textures, such as metallic-finish bag with velvet heels.

1. Earrings, Le Château, $25 / 2. Dress, H&M, $49.99 / 3. Skirt, H&M, $59.99 / 4. Dress, Reitmans, $89.90 / 5. Shoes, Boutique Spring, $59.99 / 6. Dress, Le Château, $110 / 7. Sweater, Le Château, $69.95 / 8. Shoes, H&M, $69.99 / 9. Skirt, Tristan, $110 / 10. Bag, H&M, $34.99 / 11. Top, Hudson’s Bay, $99

Boreal inspiration

A wave of cool shades has invaded our closets and it’s currently making its way into eveningwear, too. Greens (emerald, pine), blues (peacock, electric) and purples (ranging from lavender to eggplant) are fashion’s latest darlings. These rich hues are especially spectacular in velvet (which highlights their depth) and lace (magnifying the fabric’s texture). This season, let the colour be the star and finish off your outfit with black accessories. Not quite ready to wear this new palette from head to toe? Adopt it as an accent, in the form of a pouch or sandals, to give your LBD an instant update.

1. Dress, Reitmans, $89.90 / 2. Earrings, Le Château, $25 / 3. Dress, Dynamite, $49.95 / 4. Bag, Browns, $198 / 5. Skirt, Le Château, $59.95 / 6. Top, Hudson’s Bay, $115 / 7. Dress, H&M, $69.99 / 8. Top and skirt, Dynamite, $29.95 and $32.95 / 9. Shoes, Le Château, $99.95 / 10. Bag, Le Château, $59.95

Midnight glam

Good news: Black is not going anywhere and remains a stylish staple come nighttime. Hot on its heels is silver, with an ’80s-glam aura that’s perfect for after dark. Wondering how to wear these two night owls the 2018 way? Think simple cuts and pared-down silhouettes. In both cases, choose sophisticated textures, such as lace or velvet, or a shimmering finish, like sequins or lamé. You can also rock black and silver accessories, which work double duty complementing your dressy pieces or delivering the right dose of glam to a jeans-and-sweater combo for your next casual get-together.

1. Dress, H&M, $79.99 / 2. Earrings, H&M, $14.99 / 3. Top and pants, Tristan, $110 and $125 / 4. Bracelet, Forever 21, $25.90 / 5. Skirt, Hudson’s Bay, $79 / 6. Dress, Forever 21, $60.90 / 7. Shoes, H&M, $79.99 / 8. Dress, Dynamite, $39.95 / 9. Skirt, Hudson’s Bay, $49 / 10. Bag, Browns, $50 / 11. Top, Hudson’s Bay, $59.50 / 12. Booties, Forever 21, $32