Swimwear That Makes a Splash

Swimming ranks as one of summer’s greatest pleasures — along with enjoying an ice cream cone when the mercury rises, it is the ultimate family activity. Whether you are heading to the local pool or hitting the beach, taking a dip is definitely an occasion to sport a fabulous new swimsuit. Here are the most refreshing buys for every style.

Boho wave

Tulum, once a quiet Mexican coastal town, is now the epicentre of swimwear trends. Its bohemian vibe is proving contagious and has inspired brands everywhere to follow its chill-chic current. It’s All About: Ruffles (especially on off-the-shoulder bikini tops) crochet detailing, Aztec-inspired patterns, lace-up effects and romantic floral prints. Finish off the look with the perfect boho complements: a floral headband, a straw bag, braided-strap sandals and a fringed towel.

1. Bikini, La vie en rose/Aqua, $42.95 (top) and $29.95 (bottoms) / 2. Sunglasses, Forever 21, $14.90 / 3. Swimsuit, Ardene, $26.90 / 4. Bikini, The Hudson’s Bay, $112 (top) and 77$ (bottoms) / 5. Beach towel, H&M, $24.99 / 6. Bikini top, Forever 21, $25.90 / 7. Headband, H&M, $14.99 / 8. Sandals, Forever 21, $17.90 / 9. Swimsuit, Bikini Village, $100

Blue crush

Whether he’s a surf pro or not, every stylish guy knows that the swim trunks of the moment pay homage to Hawaii. Still, it’s worth noting that long board trunks are no longer the on-trend length, with mid-thigh shorts becoming the new must-have. It’s All About: Shades of blue (from light to dark), prints that mimic lush tropical foliage (think philodendron and palms) and fun takes on sea creatures (from sharks to turtles to medusa). Sporting a monochromatic wave-rider look is the way to go, so be sure to pair your swim shorts with accessories in the same colour family.

1. Swim shorts, The Hudson’s Bay, $39 / 2. Swim shorts, Décathlon, $25 / 3. Cap, Boutique Spring, $17.99 / 4. Swim shorts, Ernest, $42 / 5. Swim shorts, Bikini Village, $40 / 6. Sunglasses, H&M, $12.99 / 7. Swim shorts, Jack & Jones, $30 / 8. Sandals, H&M, $19.99 / 9. Swim shorts, H&M, $14.99

All grown up

Say goodbye to childish swimsuits! Girls and boys can now embrace the same trends as mom and dad, as pint-sized swimsuits in the same colours and prints found on adult styles become a growing trend. It’s All About: Graphic prints (dots, stripes) in exotic-fruit shades (persimmon, orange, mango, papaya) for girls, and fun, island-inspired patterns (toucans, surf boards) in blue and green ocean hues for boys.

1. Hat, Okaïdï, $17.95 / 2. Sandals, Sports Experts/Atmosphère, $19.99 / 3. Bikini, H&M, $19.99 / 4. Swimsuit, Sports Experts/Atmosphère, $29.99 / 5. Swimsuit, Décathlon, $4.30 / 6. Bikini, Okaïdï, $19.95 / 7. Sunglasses, H&M, $7.99 / 8. Cap, Okaïdï, $14.95 / 9. Swim shorts, Décathlon, $10 / 10. Swim shorts, H&M, $17.99 / 11. Swim shorts, Okaïdï, $24.95 / 12. Sandals, Sports Experts/Atmosphère, $19.99