The Summertime Guide to Entertaining in Style

Come summer, nothing beats hosting a BBQ for family or friends. Nice weather means finally getting to enjoy the pleasure of eating outside. Make your casual gatherings even more pleasant by setting up a stylish table that’s sure to please. Here are three trends to wow your guests.

Even if you plan on spending summer in the city, you can bring a bit of the ocean to your outdoor-dining table. A crisp nautical palette of blue and white is a timeless option for balmy weather. Update the classic look with ocean creatures and nautical elements, and you can pretend you are at sea! 

Look for: Prints and patterns featuring sea fauna, boats and waves; accents of aqua and turquoise to punch up navy and white; and accessories with rope and seashell details. 

On the menu: Fish and seafood, of course!

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Nature has always been an endless source of inspiration for home decor. Following in the footsteps of fruits and flowers, cactus is now stealing the spotlight! A fun take on the desert plant, cactus-inspired decor will delight kids and inspire thoughts of adventure-filled getaways for grownups. 

Look for: Cacti in all shapes and sizes, blooming or bare; a palette of green, red and yellow; and a good dose of humour, since they’re best suited to an unpretentious, casual look. 

On the menu: A Mexican feast complete with guacamole, salsa, tacos, burritos and fajitas!

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If you are a fan of pared-down decor, chances are you’ll want your outside space to reflect the same restraint. This season, you’re in luck, as many chic accessories transition well into an outdoor space. 

Look for: White, metallic accents (gold or silver), faux-marble finishes and clean lines. 

On the menu: Nothing could be trendier at the moment than a vegetarian, or even vegan, meal.

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