Complete Reopening of Our Food Court

The table has been set for the reopening of our food court!  

Starting today, you can once again enjoy a delicious meal while comfortably seated at a table, according to the latest safety measures. As such, every table can accommodate:  

  • a maximum of two adults from different addresses, with their minor age children; or  
  • occupants of the same private residence.

Once in the food court, please sign the attendance register with the security guard. They will also make sure that the rules are followed, including no gathering or loitering, so that everyone feels safe in our shopping centre. To this effect, we kindly ask that you vacate your seat once your meal is finished.

Do you prefer to enjoy your meal at home or at work? Our restaurants are still offering takeout or delivery. See your tasty options here.

We would like to thank you once again for your precious collaboration and your support towards our restaurants. See you soon!