Mail Champlain’s Marché des petits entrepreneurs

On June 3, from 10 AM to 2 PM, head to Mail Champlain’s central courtyard to visit the Marché des petits entrepreneurs! You will have the chance to meet approximately 20 young entrepreneurs aged 5 to 17. 

In a creative, professional and fun setting, these young and passionate entrepreneurs will have the chance to showcase their products, while receiving advice from our experienced retailers.

Get a chance to win a ping pong net set, an arrow bow set and a badminton set from Decathlon and also a bike from Sports Experts for a total value of more then 600$.

For each transaction made on June 3rd from 10am to 2pm at one of the young entrepreneurs' booths, you will receive a coupon to participate in the contest. Drop your coupons in the box provided. Click here to read the contest rules.

Discover the following young businesses on June 3:



-Jouez Naturellement


-Les créations CDE


-Idées en folies

-Les P'tits Beaupré Bricoleurs

-Les tartinades sucrés épicés

-Épicez vos sens

-Aromatiser votre salade

-Les braceletterie de Datia

-Sapin et tournesol

-Les petits trésors de Chouppie

-La vie en couleur de chacha

-Les savonnés


-Petite étoile

-Delphine et compagnie

-La FabrikAliyah

Come visit them to encourage the next generation of local entrepreneurs! 

We thank our partners Decathlon and Sports Experts for the contest.

Cominar is proud to partner with the Marché des petits entrepreneurs as part of the Grande journée des petits entrepreneurs. This event helps develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and encourages the creativity of younger members of our communities.