For classes

For most of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to rethink our routines from top to bottom, and has forced us to be resourceful in balancing work from home and homeschooling. Whether it's back to school through a screen, a return to the classroom or a new reality at work, there's nothing like planning ahead for a smooth transition!

The first step is to review the list of school supplies provided by the children's school, which will probably entail a stop at Archambault or purchasing a few Kate Spade office accessories, available at The Bay. And since for many, back-to-school typically requires the purchase of a new backpack, we found models adapted to your needs among the vast selection, offered by Sports Experts and Bentley.

The last few months have also taught us to be more flexible and adaptable than ever. Therefore, we must be prepared should children return to schooling from home once again. If so, have you thought about new tech accessories to facilitate your daily work. The Source comes to the rescue with a wide range of computers and tablets at competitive-pricing. Purchasing furniture to maximize our daily comfort? Check out the great options at The Bay.

Back to School

For your wardrobe

Since every change of season brings a breath of fresh air, stock up on new polo shirts and pants at H&M and Children's Place. Try mixing and matching outfits for young and old with accessories such as scarves and hats for the trendiest style. Don't forget to get your hands on a pair of comfortable shoes!

Because October and November typically isn’t without gloomy and grey weather, we want to make sure our kids are stylish on rainy days too! Why not opt for this yellow raincoat by H&M or for the sporty version offered at Décathlon?

At any time, you can consult our website to find out more about the promotions offered by our retailers. After all, our goal is to make sure you’ll find the best items at the best prices!

Back to School

For lunch time

In order to reduce our waste as much as possible, plan to buy reusable bags for your lunch box. The Children's Place has a glitter unicorn lunch box that will not go unnoticed!

As for great lunch ideas, the book Super lunch box from Maribout Editions and the bookstore section of the Archambault boutique offer new recipes. The best way to transition into a new routine is by planning ahead and cold lunch meal prep is key!

The Mayrand food warehouse is the perfect destination for finding fresh products at great prices. Moreover, this large specialty store offers the best of Quebec to your plate! To save precious time, we suggest to opt for in-store pick-up or home delivery.

Back to School

For sports enthusiasts

Children will finally be able to reconnect with their sports teams and physical education classes. It's a good thing that the Decathlon, Sports Experts and Foot Locker stores offer a great selection of brands for young and old athletes alike. Whether they play soccer, tennis, basketball or swimming, we can do all our shopping under one roof. So practical!

Back to School

For their comfort

It's amazing how quickly children's feet grow from one year to the next! Have they changed sizes again recently? You can find different shoe styles that will appeal to both girls and boys at Foot Locker and Browns.

Back to School

To protect yourself from COVID-19

Mask and hand washing are now part of our new daily routine. Back to school and back to the office is the perfect opportunity to replenish your inventory! To guide you in your choices, Mail Champlain has put together a list of retailers who sell beautiful face covers. In addition, the Yves Rocher boutique offers an impressive selection of hand sanitizers.

Back to School

For better planning on a daily basis

Family planners and agendas are valuable tools for organizing our daily lives. Find yourself quickly running out of time in the morning? Turn to The Children's Place to find clothes that accommodate school dress codes or check out H&M for great fall trends.

Before planning your next shopping spree, we invite you to save this list and use it as a practical guide the next time you visit Mail Champlain. We also encourage you to share with us your best finds and tips for transitioning to a new routine.

Happy shopping and happy back-to-school season 2020!