Activities and tips for a memorable Halloween

A cauldron filled with activities

Give life to your pumpkins—just like Cinderella’s fairy godmother

You have already picked up your pumpkin at the local pumpkin patch or grocery store (all pumpkins are good). It’s now time to decorate it! Got any ideas? One thing is for sure: you don’t have to dirty your hands to get rid of the pulp. There are many different options to decorate your Halloween pumpkin: stickers, paint, pipe cleaners, etc. If you are willing to walk on the wild side and remove the pulp from your pumpkin, keep the seeds! They are an excellent snack after being toasted in the oven!

Create a Halloween ambiance at a terrifyingly affordable cost

Kids love arts and crafts. We know! It’s not always easy to think of original projects without breaking the bank. Thankfully, Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration for DIY projects at home. In just a few clicks, you can access a myriad of ideas. Whether you want to create ghosts with tissue paper, black Halloween shapes to stick on your windows, garlands made with toilet paper or masks made out of cereal boxes, you can really unleash your creativity with Pinterest!

Start hunting for the scariest decorations in your neighbourhood

Why not mix the joys of fall with fascination and some good exercises? Stroll with your kids throughout your neighbourhood just before Halloween to admire all the decorations. Organize a contest with your family: each member selects a home that they think has the best decorations. And don’t forget: just because a home is not decorated to the gills doesn't mean its residents won’t offer delicious candies!

Have fun at our RDV d’Halloween with Capitaine Justine

Ahoy mateys! Capitaine Justine, one of our celebrities, has created a pirate-themed Halloween party that is sure to delight the young and not so young! Are your sea legs ready? The party will include face painting, storytelling, creative workshops, a photobooth and so much more. It starts at 10:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Head on over to the Facebook event page to get all the details.

Enjoy scary movies as you savour your Halloween candies

After the kids have collected candies for months to come, why not get cozy in comfy blankets and watch (or re-watch) classic Halloween movies? Think: Casper, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare before Christmas, Hotel Transylvania, The Adams Family or Harry Potter. You’ll spend a wonderful evening at home with the family! It is also the ideal way to get your sugar fix!  

Effective planning = Guaranteed planning

Get your hand on last-minute costumes

In the heat of the action, you may have not had the time to think of your costume to greet the kids as they stop from door to door. Don’t panic! Retailers have creative all-in-one or last minute costume ideas, including onesies for adults! Head on over to Urban Planet, Ardène and H&M to quickly find accessories or a final crazy touch to your costume.  


Protect their feet!

To make the most out of your trick-or-treating, you and the kids will have to walk—depending on which neighbourhood you live in. Regardless of age, your little zombies should have the appropriate footwear to prevent blisters and colds. Your first order of the day: never let them wear new shoes. Make sure they have the appropriate socks for the weather conditions on Halloween. You can find an array of small booties at Panda, Browns and Foot Locker.

Follow the ABCs of dressing up for Halloween

Whether your family has opted to be scary or funny with Halloween costumes, it is important to keep in mind the colours and length of your attire; you want to be visible at night and feel comfortable as you roam throughout the neighbourhood. Add stylish Halloween reflectors on everybody’s legs and arms in order to brighten costumes and stay safe!

Learn more about what’s happening in your neighbourhood: The Teal Pumpkin Project
Have you ever seen teal-coloured pumpkins without really knowing what they are about? Organized by Allergies Québec, this pumpkins are listed on the Teal Pumpkin Project Map. Homes decorated with a real teal pumpkin give children non-food-based surprises on Halloween, such as temporary tattoos, notebooks, bubbles, markers, erasers, crayons, small balls, miniature toys, gluten-free modelling clay, stickers, whistles, plastic rings, etc.

Be prepared for tired feet

What’s the best way to avoid temper tantrums or tears because kids are overtired? Think of bringing a small wagon on wheels so that kids can sit in them as you bring them home after trick-or-treating. Add cushions and blankets so that they fall asleep in no time flat! This is a go-to trick many parents use during Halloween. And just think about it: if they fall fast asleep, you could eat a few of their candies. It will be our little secret!

Happy Halloween and we hope you enjoy lots of candy!