Collaboration: On déjeune!

With the season of the pumpkin spice latte in full swing, we’re bringing you everything you need for the perfect fall brunch.For us, fall means comforting dishes like grandma’s porridge, the colours of changing leaves and soft morning music. It’s also the perfect opportunity to host breakfast at home and set an inviting table to impress your loved ones.

Morning Glory

Of course, the look of our photos is also important to us, which is why we’re especially strategic and meticulous when it comes to shopping for our culinary accessories. After all, breakfast is our job, so there are no half measures here! We’re going all in on the food: oatmeal with ground cherries and Canadian maple syrup, 10-percent-fat yogurt, grilled walnuts and caramelized apples.

Hot "Photo Styling 101" tip: Star anise looks really great in an autumn-themed photo!

1. Wooden chopping board, Stokes, $24.99 / 2. Shallow serving bowl, Hudson’s Bay, $24.99 / 3. Must electric milk frother in red, Think Kitchen $49.99

Autumn Pattern

The first step when setting a table is finding a tablecloth that sets the right tone and mood. For our autumn-themed brunch, we found a tablecloth with a leaf pattern that perfectly suits the occasion. Then we got our hands on a milk frother, so we could customize our delicious pumpkin spice latte just the way we like it. We sprinkled ours with cinnamon and drank them from white vintage rim mugs!

1. White vintage rim mug, Stokes, $4.99 / 2. Happy Leaf tablecloth, Stokes, $14.98

Woody & Sweet

To give our table a forest feel, we just had to buy a wooden serving board to showcase some of our ingredients.

And to caramelize our apples in maple syrup, we chose a small, granite-style pan. Simple and efficient, to be sure.

1. Mini non-stick egg pan, Stokes, $9.98 / 2. Wooden chopping board, Stokes, $24.99

Perfect Setup

Last but not least, we had to find a set of plates. Ones that would highlight the food without stealing the show. We came across these shallow bowls we thought were perfect for our oatmeal recipe. We also found this beautiful rectangular dish for soaking our sliced apples in lemon juice.

And — voilà — that’s it! Happy breakfasting, everyone!

1. Distinctly Home Porto rectangle baker, Hudson’s Bay $39,99 / 2. Shallow serving bowl, Hudson’s Bay, $24.99