Fall 2021 - Hair trends to follow

Every time the fall begins, we ask ourselves the same questions: What am I doing with my hair? Do I cut or not? What's the new trendy cut? What products should I get to maintain my hair? It is exactly for all these questions that we have decided to present four trends in the hair industry. From haircuts to hair care, you can learn a little more about our favorites for the season.


Here is the haircut for fall: the bob, the square hairstyle where the hair is cut at the top of the shoulders, at the jawline. This season, we wear it in two ways, either the very messy version, with more texture think of the new head of Kourtney Kardashian, or very straight like Jennifer Lopez. Does it make you want to go to the hairdresser? We suggest that you make an appointment at one of our hairdressing salons. The De Neuville Coiffure & Spa team will know how to cut the latest trends, in addition to offering you a wide range of hairstyling, beauty and well-being treatments. At Paris Coiffure Elle & Lui, hairdressing professionals will advise you and create your own style.


Do you treat your scalp like your skin? This season, we are starting to give our scalp the same attention that we give to our facial skin, for example. Now is the time to treat your hair to a spa / wellness day. Masks, scrubs, serums are the new favorites to integrate into your personal routine. Discover at Yves Rocher the mini hair masks, the ideal companions for a weekend at the chalet or an improvised road trip. Thanks to their small, compact size, they don't take up space and you can easily slip them into any bag. Although the size is mini, so is the price, at $ 5.95 for a moment of self-care. The brand also offers other scalp care products depending on your hair type.


One of the hottest trends this fall is hair products to match your hair shade. At Kérastase, we take care of blond hair with the Blond Absolu collection, a range of treatments designed for blond hair including ultra-violet shampoo and mask with anti-false reflections and neutralizing properties. This collection aims to preserve each blond while rebuilding the fiber of hair damaged by discolorations or strands. If you are looking for a shampoo adapted to your color, we advise you to go to Concept Élite, they can advise you on which product to choose. They have several lines of hair products, including Kérastase and Morroccanoil.


The market for hair supplements is exploding. We have recently seen a great increase in this type of product in the beauty industry. The school of thought behind supplements has changed dramatically, especially since the pandemic. If you are interested in this kind of products, a visit to Naturiste will be enough for you to discover their Hair, nails and skin capsules. The high-quality formula provides the desired benefits for nail strength, shine and beauty as well as hair regrowth, shine and health. Designed from an exclusive complex of natural active ingredients, combining amino acids, medicinal plants and specific vitamins, this supplement will allow you to maintain the integrity and health of the integumentary system (nails and hair in particular). In addition to also promoting the good health of your skin.