Fall fashion: how to wear 5 key pieces of the season

Now is the time to start your fall shopping. No need to update your entire wardrobe, you just need to invest in a few key pieces to achieve a trendy look. The pandemic has changed several lifestyles, jogging is now part of our daily life and this more relaxed side is being felt in fashion this season. Here are 5 casual key pieces to get you now.


A novelty is making a place for itself in our wardrobe for fall: the tank top. This sleeveless garment with V-neckline can be worn in many ways; next to the skin or over a simple t-shirt. Our favorite look is the one seen at Dynamite with a white shirt dress. Add in some massive rings, chunky-soled boots and voila you are ready for a night out with friends.


Spotlight on a trend straight out of the movie Clueless, the plaid skirt. Cher and Dionne would be the first to adopt this look, here is our 2021 reinterpretation.

This fall, we're moving away from school uniforms, instead presenting you with a modern take on this classic. Pair this skirt with a hoodie or chunky knit sweater, a baguette bag and chunky hoop earrings.


Baggy jeans are a must have for you to get right now. How to wear these jeans for fall? In total look, what is also called the Canadian tuxedo, that is to say the arrangement of several pieces of denim. We fell in love with the high-waisted jacket and jeans duo at H&M, pair them with a t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers for a touch of cool.


In the 90s there was the preppy trend and to be a real preppy you needed a rugby sweater. This striped top was an emblem of the country-club chic look. He's back with a new twist; say hello to the rugby-inspired polo dress. Visit Sports Experts to discover the Vans collection. You will find a rugby dress with blush and khaki stripes. They also offer all the accessories to complete the look: fisherman's hat, pastel backpack and platform shoes.


The quilted sleeveless jacket is the piece you see everywhere in women's fashion. Gentlemen, now it's your turn to adopt this trendy article. This jacket is no longer just a piece of clothing for hiking or outdoor activities, it is one of the essentials. Inspired by the sport-luxury trend, this sleeveless vest is more popular than ever. We love the autumn color combination: the navy of the sweater and the jacket, accompanied by chinos in a cinnamon shade from Jack & Jones.