Have fun with ease

What could be more motivating than a great challenge this summer, especially with warm weather and sunny skies! Because we want you to enjoy summer to the fullest, we’ve put together this bucket list that is sure to please the entire family! Ready, set, go!

Activities to ditch the routine

Create one-of-a-kind and funky artworks 
All you have to do is blend paint and water, add the mixture to a water gun, and let your imagination run wild! You’ll probably want to start a paint fight within seconds. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Paint and mini water guns: Archambault

Enjoy watching a movie in your backyard!
The hardest thing you’ll have to do this summer is choosing the movie that EVERYONE will want to watch! We have to admit, we love classics! All you need is a projector and a white screen (think: a white bed sheet)! For extra comfort, choose cushions; throw blankets, candles and anything else that will keep you comfy. Keep in mind, however, the cozier you are, the more likely you are to fall asleep!

Cushions and throw blankets: The Hudson Bay
Candles: Clair de lune 
Projector: La Source

Family DIY projects

Organize a lemonade or iced tea sale 
There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of lemonade or iced tea during a heat wave. What’s, more: it’s a great way to teach your kids some entrepreneurial skills! To make the best iced tea possible, check out DAVIDs TEA. The possibilities are endless! To spruce up your kid’s stand, all you need is a few accessories and beverage dispensers. And you’re done!

Dispensers and accessories: Stokes

Make giant bubbles! 
A word of warning: This activity could cause moments of sheer fun and your kids (and adults!) will probably want to do it over and over again! What’s so cool about this activity? You don’t need much for the giggles and zero mess! Happy children make happy parents!

Kit for mega bubbles: Archambault

Delicious and refreshing summer snacks

Freeze popsicles with candies! 
When a recipe calls for candy, everyone wants to try it! For your next popsicles, use juice, milk or even yogourt! Unleash your creativity! Add some sour worms or sweet treats to a liquid. Freeze for a few hours and enjoy!

Popsicle molds: Stokes

Yummy campfire S’mores 
Could there be any other more decadent dessert than an ooey gooey s’mores! This decadent treat is really easy to make. No campfire required! Assemble the ingredients, put it in the oven in a mold or aluminium foil, and enjoy!

S’mores: Laura Secord