On the way to summer vacation!

Nothing screams summer more than the last few weeks of July! While children count the days before the end of school in June, we can guarantee you that parents are counting down the days before summer vacation. What could be more fun than ditching the routine, daily chores and getting some well-deserved R&R?

Did you know that Quebec City and eastern Quebec are where nearly 70% of Quebecers plan to travel this summer? Think: Old Québec, Charlevoix, Gaspé, etc. However, there are so many beautiful places and exciting things to do across the province, it can be hard to choose! Just thinking about summer vacation means already hearing “Are we there yet?”, “Did you forget the…?” and “I’m hungry!”

Is it even possible to enjoy some time off without the stress or any hassles? Of course!

With careful planning, your trip can be synonymous with calm and throwing caution to the wind! Get inspired with our tips and tricks—and enjoy your family vacation! Your time to create lasting memories is about to begin!

Getting ready for vacation: Become a Tetris master!

The key to a worry-free vacation starts with planning and organization. Become your very own Marie Kondo by determining what you need for your trip and packing items so that they take up less space and are easily accessible. After all, anyone can crave a snack or break a flip flop! In order to simplify your travel and keep calm, here are some things you should consider while packing:

  • Neck pillow and anything that fosters naps
  • Your children’s favourite teddy bears and blankies
  • A small bag in which you can safely store important items when you travel
  • A fanny or back pack to carry your musthaves that you need at all times
  • Removable luggage compartments

1. Tracker travel cases – Bentley

2. Suitcases - Bentley

Before you leave, it’s your choice: entertainment or Tylenol?

Before hitting the road, make sure you have enough entertainment options for the kids. If you don’t keep their minds preoccupied, your darling little children will become irritable and agitated monsters. To keep everyone in a pleasant mood and away from taking Tylenol for a headache, pack these items:

  • Books with guessing games and challenges
  • Playing cards and electronic board games that can easily be used in a car
  • Books and comic books
  • Colouring books
  • Tablets (for movies, TV shows and apps)

1. Rush hour game – Archambault

2. Portable drawing tablet – Archambault

Are you headed to the beach?

You don’t have to travel very far in Québec to find a beach: the province has nearly 30 gorgeous beaches! How to ensure a fun-filled day with the kids? Head to the beach! Collect seashells, build sandcastles, play in the water, bury each other in the sand, play ricochet, etc. The possibilities are nearly endless for lots of laughs! All you need is a waterproof bag to carry the essentials: toys, balls, sunscreen, towels, beach hats, bathing suits, snacks, a change of clothes, etc.

1. Beach accessories – H&M

2. Beach bag – Clair de lune

Let yourself be carried away by nature

If there is one fascinating thing you should do this summer, it’s to explore nature and all its marvels in Québec. A whale-watching cruise is the perfect activity to experience with the family. Regardless of the weather, you’ll enjoy great views and hopefully see a whale or two! Located only a few hours from Brossard, you will fall under the spell of the Bas-St-Laurent region. In addition, don’t miss the opportunity to visit SEPAQ provincial parks as well as Canada’s national parks! Make sure you bring a rain jacket and a good pair of sneakers or hiking boots. It’s that simple!

1. Columbia raincoat – Sports experts

2. Sneakers - Panda

Get an adrenaline rush

Whether you’re interested in visiting a zoo or an amusement park, such as La Ronde or Le Village Vacances Valcartier, you are sure to feel of tsunami of thrills throughout your day! Do you remember the first time you got on a roller coaster or got up close and personal with a lama that drooled from the window of your parents’ car? These types of memories last a lifetime. During these adventures, stay hydrated and always carry items that you may need: a first-aid kit, warmer clothes, safety harness to keep your small children near you, etc.

We hope your summer vacation surpasses everyone’s expectations. Have a great summer!

1. BKR bottles – Hudson’s Bay

2. Jansport Backpack - Bentley