Say hello to fall!

Fall is officially here! Ready or not, cooler weather is fast approaching. With shorter days and rainy days ahead, a fashion game plan is absolutely crucial. You will be ready for the changing seasons with these three easy tips.

1. It is better to be safe than sorry

Take supplements to boost your immune system

Adding supplements to you and your family’s routine is the perfect way to kick off fall. With the kids going back to school or daycare, germs can spread quickly. It is important to remain vigilant about everybody’s health. Did you know that Echinacea is a medicinal plant renowned for many outstanding properties? It is an antiseptic that wards off bacteria. It can detoxify your digestive track. It can also boost your immune system. To keep germs, viruses and all the evils that can result from the change of season at bay, La Souris verte  offers a multitude of organic options for people of all ages, including Echinacea extract. Visit Naturiste to find La Souris verte products.

Dress warm     

Why do we get sick? There are many reasons. One of the main reasons you catch germs or a virus is probably the fact that you were feeling cold OR dressed too warmly. Funny, right? This means that, rather than wearing several layers of clothing, you should choose a single garment made of wool, silk or synthetic material.

Below is your shopping itinerary for children's clothing that offers great options to tackle Québec’s winters head on.


Avoid contracting germs

Being active is certainly your secret weapon to strengthening your immune system! That doesn’t mean running a marathon every week. Just taking a walk 3 times a week would be enough to activate your immune system. Even if it is rainy or cloudy, all you have to do is put on your shoes properly and arm yourself with the necessary equipment to have fun outdoors. At Sports Experts and Décathlon, you will find everything you need to stay active all year long!

2. A house full of entertainment

Be amazed by the nature's beauty

Living in North America means enjoying the beautiful, rich colours that nature offers us at the beginning of each autumn. From scarlet red to bright yellow, the changing leaves amaze and captivate people every fall. You can therefore take the time to admire a living kaleidoscope of colours while relaxing with your family outside. Whether in the backyard or in the park, you don't have to travel very far to be awash in gorgeous autumn hues.

Prepare for the festive season

Since Halloween is literally at our doorstep, it's THE perfect time to start decorating your home. Looking for a wreath of fall leaves? Scary pumpkins? Original costumes? There are so many options to keep you busy for weeks! Need to be inspired? Head over to La Baie d’Hudson, Clair de Lune or Stokes for a stroke of genius. From pumpkins to costumes, there's something for everyone to impress the neighborhood!

Get your game on!

Hot chocolate probably rhymes with family board games! Fall is the ideal time to get together with family and friends and spend a cozy time playing board games. Whether your kids are fans of adventure games or competitive games, take there are many options to choose from at Archambault and Le Tambourin. Spend the weeks between the end of summer and winter to have fun discovering or rediscovering new games.

3. Keep your spirits up

Light up your fall seasons

As the days get shorter in fall, we tend to enjoy less sunlight. That can really wreak havoc on everyone’s moral. To counter the negative effects of fall, light therapy and vitamins will certainly become your go-to allies. Did you know that it only takes 20 to 30 minutes of sunlight per day and a teaspoon of Vitamin D to improve your mood? Several models of morning alarm clocks, with the progressive light options, are available at La Source. To stock up on vitamins, Naturiste's professionals can guide you towards suitable products.

Unleash your creativity

Why not use nature (leaves, pine cones, fir branches, etc.) to unleash your artistic side? The simple fact of enjoying arts and crafts, such as making animal shapes, has such a beneficial effect becoming one with nature. On your marks, get set, create!

Try comforting recipes

There is undoubtedly one activity that is rooted in popular culture in the fall—and that is apple picking. What a memorable activity for the whole family to get some fresh air and eat crunchy apples! The wonderful thing about this family outing is that it can last for weeks, from picking to eating...and cooking a thousand and one recipes! Not sure what to make? Don't worry! There are many recipe books available at Archambault, whether you are a budding cook or seasoned chef! To know where to pick apples in Montérégie, it's right here.