Spring cleaning

By now, you’ve probably heard of the best-selling book the life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo ($12.95, available now at Archambault). Her mantra? Improving your daily life—and flourishing—by sorting your belongings in a rational and consistent way, by enjoying a sense of order and by making organization a way of life. So, as you might imagine, our number one tip for successful spring cleaning is to not bury yourself under a mountain of to-dos! Make a list of necessary tasks and go room by room without putting too much pressure on yourself!


If you want to freshen up your kitchen, start by getting rid of anything superfluous. Do you really need all that crockery? How long has it been since you last changed your cutlery? Do you have everything you need to dine outdoors this summer? Here are our favourite picks!

1. Mikasa Tivoli Garden dinnerware set, 16pc, Hudson’s Bay, $300, now $149.99

2. Biscayne picnic basket, 24pc, Stokes, $49.98

Living room

Tackle those bookshelves and cabinets! As for those books and games you no longer use, why not give them away to your friends? Use your cleared-off shelf space to store your essentials, so that you can reduce your living room clutter and create maximum space for enjoying family time. While you’re at it, brighten up your summer with colourful decor!

1. Ladder bookcase with drawers, Hudson’s Bay, $319.99
2. Decorative items, Clair de lune, prices vary


Now is the time to clean out your cabinets and throw out any old cosmetics and products you no longer use. You could also take this opportunity to change up your towels and add a hint
of warmth to your bathroom! 

Tip: Use small shelves (or a corner shelf) to store your products and keep your bathroom counter clean.

1. Christine Dovey women’s shower curtain, Hudson’s Bay, $70, now $39.99

2. Mirror with tray, Hudson’s Bay, $30
3. Christine Dovey three-pack towel set, Hudson’s Bay, $34.99


Opt for minimalist decor to create a sense of calm. Get rid of any furniture that takes up too much space, refresh your bedding, reduce the contents of your accent furniture and add a few plants for good measure. Even better, sprucing up your bedroom also means sprucing up your wardrobe! Spring is the perfect time to make sure your closet brings you joy, so go ahead and toss any items you haven’t worn in more than a year. Refine your wardrobe with clothes you can wear with pride.

Bonus tip: add a nice rod to showcase your new-season essentials.

1. Calvin Klein duvet cover, Hudson’s Bay, $230–$300