The twelve days of Christmas—2019 style!

Ah, the Holidays! It’s that time of year again when we all become children again—no matter what our age! It’s that time of year again to enjoy precious moments with the family by taking the time to relax and unwind. And it’s that time of year again when all the little ones can FINALLY see their favourite character that they have been waiting all year for. You know, the one with the red coat and white beard….

While the Holidays are synonymous with tradition, why not think of some ways to reinvent or create new classics?

Make yourself a delicious cup of hot chocolate, snuggle in a warm blanket, and get inspired by these great activities for you to enjoy during Christmas vacation. Our wish? That your children’s eyes (and yours!) sparkle as much as the lights on your Christmas tree!

Create tasty memories

Why not stoke your children’s creativity by getting them to make cookies? Find an easy recipe online or even Grandma’s secret one to whip up a batch of tasty delights and long-last memories with each bite!

Prepare your ingredients in advance to simplify your cookie-making and above all, avoid your kids turning your kitchen into a flour spectacular the minute your back is turned!

On Christmas Eve, just before going to bed, don’t forget to leave some of your cookies and a tall glass of milk near the Christmas tree for Santa Claus. These yummy treats made by your kids will undoubtedly give Santa Claus enough energy to deliver gifts to children all over the world who have been good this year!

Host a Christmas show

During your Christmas parties, bring your little elves together and ask them to prepare a show for your guests. Not only will this activity keep them busy but it will also reduce (we hope!)  the number of times you’ll hear “Mom, when can we open our gifts?”

Whether it’s a dance or magic show, carol-singing or a play, let your kids unleash their creativity. You may even enjoy the performance of budding superstars!

Organize a Christmas treasure hunt

As many a pirate has said: not all treasures are silver and gold, Mate! During Christmas vacation, why not organize a Christmas treasure hunt to find the best outdoor decorations in your neighbourhood? Put on your toques, mittens and scarves—and stroll along streets near your home. Don’t forget to determine your family’s selection criteria before heading out! Vote when you get home once everyone is warm and cozy!

Enjoy a Christmas movie marathon

Give yourself the permission to ease the pace during the Holidays. You deserve some R&R! Christmas is the perfect time to spend a whole day in your PJs watching movies! 

Start your movie marathon with a Christmas classic your kids are sure to love. Then, let your children decide the next movies to watch. Plan to watch a few movies everyone has watched at least a few times. At strategic moments during the plot, pause the movie and challenge your family to finding what the characters’ next lines are! The winner gets a mouth-watering chocolate!

Oh, and don’t forget the warm, buttery popcorn!

Hold a Frosty-the-Snowman contest

Encourage your neighbours to get together and organize a friendly contest to determine who has made the nicest snowman! Make a well-known Christmas character or add a touch of pizazz to a standard snowman to make it really stand out! Hats, scarves, mittens, carrots, arts and crafts…everything works!

Who knows? Maybe the snowmen you make will come to life like in Frozen and Jack Frost!

Regardless of the activities you’ll plan for the Holidays, we sincerely hope that they will allow you to create unforgettable memories and act like a kid again. We wish you joy, lots of fun, and precious moments with your family. Happy Holidays!