Valentine’s Day and your love language

It’s well-known that human relationships can be complex. Whether with your significant other, best friend, child or colleague, knowing how to effectively communicate and meet the other person’s expectations is not always easy! We all have examples that come to mind, don’t we?

Thankfully for all of us, American psychologist Gary Chapman has solved the mystery of recurring relationship problems. The foundation of any good relationship is based on understanding each other and your unique needs. But in order to understand each other, you have to speak the same language!  

The Five Love Languages—or the art of understanding someone’s needs

According to Dr. Chapman’s research, there are five love languages—or five ways to express and receive affection: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service and physical touch. For example, we all know someone who seems to know exactly what gift to give to put a smile on our face. Or that person who is always ready to give us a lift or run errands for us. This is probably the way they express emotion and affection.

We are all unique. That is why love languages help us to better understand and respect the emotional needs of the people around us. The ultimate goal is to build long-lasting relationships in which people are happy and never disappointed. That is what everyone wants!

In order to simplify your Valentine’s Day, we have put together suggestions based on the love language of the person you want to treat on February 14. Are you curious to find out what your love language is or the love language of someone you care about? Take this quiz here.

Valentine's Day languages of love - Mail Champlain

Valentine’s Day based on your love language

Words of affirmation

A person who has a love language based on words of affirmation will particularly appreciate compliments and encouragement. With this type of person, you have to express how you feel: saying ‘’I love you’’ or offering a flattering remark. Give sincere compliments throughout the day (and every day!). Here is a quick DIY idea to captivate your boo: fill a cute jar with nice messages that can be read over and over again.

You’ll need:

  1. An ornamental glass jar  (available at Dollarama)
  2. Thick paper (available at Hallmark)
  3. Colourful markers (available at Le Tambourin)
Valentine's Day languages of love - Mail Champlain

Quality time

Giving all of your attention and spending quality time together is exceptionally important for this person to feel loved. Intimate suppers and in-depth conversations are what will make this person’s love for you grow. Looking to spoil your “better half” this Valentine’s Day? Why not escape for a weekend at a bed and breakfast, or pamper yourselves at a local spa? Unforgettable moments guaranteed!

Our suggestions:

  1. Enjoy a Black Forest Sundae at Chocolato. Share one or each devour your own sundae (we won’t judge)!
  2. A glass or two of Carrelot des Amants rosé wine (available at SAQ)
  3. A getaway at Manoir Rouville-Campbell or Hôtel Les Trois Tilleuls (available at La Forfaiterie)
Valentine's Day languages of love - Mail Champlain


This person considers surprises and gifts—big or small—as tokens of affection. The price doesn’t matter; it is the thought that counts! One huge bonus: your loved one will always think of you when seeing the gift!

Must-have gifts:

  1. A box of praline chocolates (available at Laura Secord)
  2. A bracelet with an infinity charm to celebrate your love (available at Swarovski)
  3. A beautiful floral scarf (available at Taylor)
Valentine's Day languages of love - Mail Champlain

Acts of service

Actions speak louder than words. Expressing your love for this type of person means helping out with the little things that make life easier. It could be making coffee in the morning, running a bath or fixing supper.

Our tips:

  1. Argan and rose bath and shower gel (available at Yves Rocher)
  2. Bring supper home (view restaurants here)
  3. Offer a tea or a coffee in the morning (available at David’s Tea)
Valentine's Day languages of love - Mail Champlain

Physical touch

There can never be too many hugs and kisses for the person who speaks this love language. To this person, nothing speaks more deeply than the right touch. You have to show your affection—not just express it. Take your sweetheart’s hand or arm when you go for a walk. Give a massage or cuddle on the couch. These are all acts of love!

You’ll need:

  1. An orange and cantaloupe candle for a romantic evening (available at Fruits & Passion)
  2. A romantic movie, such as “Valentine’s Day” so that you can snuggle (available at Archambault)
  3. A L’Occitane lip balm for soft kisses (available at Hudson’s Bay)
Valentine's Day languages of love - Mail Champlain

Regardless of the love language of your nearest and dearest, fine-tune your listening skills—and watch your relationship soar! If you would like more information on the Five Love Languages, you can purchase Gary Chapman’s book at Archambault.

Happy Valentine’s Day!